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Differences make the difference. DEAF

DEAF is not only a brand. DEAF is a whole concept.
DEAF is the product of a friendship. 4 guys who love FASHION and DESIGN but most of all, 4 mates who wants to create something beyond business only. DEAF is a message, DEAF is the secret of one of them. DEAF stands for everyday efforts that you make to hide your weaknesses. But DEAF first purpose is mainly to cry out that your perfection is built on the overall sum of your imperfections.

Why DEAF ? Because our designer is hearing-impaired and rather than concealing or ignoring it, he has chosen to embrace his condition, to wear it proudly and use it as a strength. This is the definition of DEAF, a trip, a universe, a philosophy. DEAF speaks to the ones who don’t hear but listen, the ones who know how to look rather than seeing only. DEAF has been created for the art-lovers whose preferences are not shaped by what other people think. DEAF is to choose not to wear clothes anymore, but sporting a message.

The only person you are destined to become is the one you have decided to be.



For the first season of our story, we have decided to denounce the OMERTA that strike us all.

What is Omertà if not the law of silence ? We did this to underline the silence that other put on us but also the more insidious one that we impose to ourselves. We want to describe the numerous forms of Omertà that limit us everyday through our artworks. We want to destroy the rules and shake off the clichés, our first step : breaking down the wall of silence.

Omerta : La Loi du Silence

Season 1

Omerta : Le Temps fait le Travail

Season 1

Brain : Une Regle de Conduite

Season 1

Lipstick : Aucune Délation

Season 1

Message Patch

Season 1


Season 1